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Australia’s legendry Florence Broadhurst
epitomised style and flair for over five
decades creating original wallpaper
designs of international acclaim.

Cadrys have now translated a selection
of her iconic designs into exquisite
hand-woven rugs, made in Nepal using Tibetan wool, silk and natural fibres ensuring unparalleled quality, innovation and value.

The collection ranges from the vibrant Florence style through to more subtle tones and can be customised to suit individual requirements, produced exlcusively by Cadrys.

In the 60s, the flamboyant Florence Broadhurst would take the daily stroll from her studio in Paddington often stopping along the way to chat with Jacques Cadry, the founder of Cadrys hand-woven carpets. Florence had an obvious love for textiles and design and would talk for hours about her latest screen prints while Jacques would share his latest silk rug treasures from the exotic East and beyond. Fast forward four decades and the kindred spirit of Florence and Jacques has been reignited though a new collaboration between Cadrys and Signature Prints, the custodians of the Florence Broadhurst design library. When Signature Prints first came to Cadrys they were looking for a reputable firm who could artistically translate the Florence Broadhurst designs into a new medium. The preferred company would have to uphold all the benchmarks of the Florence Broadhurst brand, have a strong aesthetic sense, be artistically brave and produce exceptional quality. With decades of expert knowledge and integrity behind them, Cadrys was the obvious choice.